Elevated Living: Tips for Restaurant Week!

Your Guide to Restaurant Week Boston!


A few quick things to remember about dining out for restaurant week! (In no particular order) #Boston #Restaurant Week

1) Servers, Bartenders, etc. are STILL working for TIPS

2) Some restaurants have prix-fix lunch and dinner menus available YEAR ROUND. Focus on visiting the restaurants that you’ve always wanted to try. Be it a new type of food, something normally out of your price range, anything. Be daring!

3) Personally, I like to combine my use of #OpenTable Reservations Systems to make reservations and earn points to #FreeFood. No, but seriously… If you’re going to make a reservation, or a few, why not take advantage of some incentives towards going back to a new restaurant find later on?!

4) Important new trends; SOME RESTAURANTS:

-Offer different menus for RW 1 and RW 2

-Offer different menus DAILY

-Offer different menus for lunch and dinner

-Only participate in EITHER LUNCH OR DINNER

-Participate in Restaurant Week on the SATURDAYS.

Otherwise the schedule is: Sunday August 19th- Friday August 24th & Sunday August 26th- Friday August 31st

5) There are three options, Lunch 2- course $15.12, Lunch 3-course $20.12 and Dinner 3-course $33.12

***BE ADVENTUROUS & HAVE FUN… It’s Lunch and Dinner- not Life & Death 🙂 What have you got to lose!***

I will post as I dine, but here are some other links in your quest for deliciousness!





Until then, keep finding ways to “Elevate The Everyday”



Elevated Living: Elevate The Everyday

“Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”- Julia Child

And it is love, that brings me to write this blog. It would simply be unfair to label it a labour, as it’s more a passion that excites me. Pouring through my fingertips as wine into a willing glass.

We’ve all seen the economy change and shift through recent years it has come to my attention that many find dining out a luxury. Well I’ll be damned if the necessity of living, (thereby eating) and a livelihood for many friends and loved ones (working in/owning a restaurant/business) should be deemed a luxury. Remember, restaurants and bars are where you fill your bellies and palates.  These are the places that love is exchanged in the experiences or even monetary forms of supporting one another. That therein, it’s own legitimate labour, or passion, of love.

This is why I write this blog; to share with you that luxury as you know it need not end, but transition into a new understanding. You have every right you treat yourself to a beverage and a meal, shared with friends over the exchange of laughter and even sorrows. To come out and meet your neighbors at a local watering hole and find support aside from a screen that blankly stares back. The sources are out there; so take advantage. They have just shifted- not disappeared. Remember it is these in establishments that we support; where relationships are made and fostered. In turn, it’s these relationships that will support us through the loss of a job, or family member. Or be the first place we run to celebrate and cheers. It is these relationships we create that are our security.

What needs to be noted are these experiences are for the every day.

No need to wait until a special occasion to enjoy yourself.

Find a friend, or better make a friend, and find ways to Elevate The Everyday. Experience Elation in any and every form for no other reason than you deserve it.

Food is love. Feed your soul.

The first adventure explored for the “Elation Food Blog” for Elevated Living was a pearl of #Boston, an oyster crawl in which all oysters were only $1. Yes. $1. That is less than your daily cup of coffee. Three different spots along a walkable route that provide $1 oysters, almost every day of the week, sometimes twice a day.

  • Boston Legal Seafoods: Long Wharf: 255 State Street Boston, MA 02109 (617)-742-5300 (3pm-6pm)
  • Marliave: 10 Bosworth St. Boston, MA 02108 (617)-422-0004 (4pm-6pm) & (9pm-10pm)
  • McCormick & Schmick’s Park Plaza: 34 Columbus Ave Boston, MA 02116 (617)-482-3999 (Tuesday 11:30am til close)

More details on the adventures- and the specials in the next blog.

Until then, keep finding ways to “Elevate The Everyday”