Elevated Living: Here’s to an underwhelming 2014

Happy New Year!!! Are you organized yet? Did you start your new weight loss program yet? Have you written all your to-do lists about anything and everything you want to accomplish this year? No?! Well good, me either. And you shouldn’t. You have a YEAR!

January should really be the 13th month, and not just because 13 is my lucky number. And my birth month. On the 13th. And that would really be cool if my birthday was 13/13… But any-who… January should be the 13th month because we are all really still recuperating from the holidays. Let’s be honest with ourselves, and each other. Between the travel, the food, the forgetfulness in the days of the week, we actually (hopefully) took the time, (or were allowed the time!) to relax, unwind and even, perhaps, become a little unorganized. And in some cases lazy. And you know what? That’s. O. K.

I’m bothered by the fact that there’s this sincere rush to create a theme, or goal, or outline your entire year right off the bat. It’s like all this sense of growing, and exploring, and taking the time to find yourself, suddenly became outlawed and it all must happen now. In an overwhelming, imaginary, deadline-type-of-yesterday, now.

Who says we have to organize that closet by color, sleeve length, and specific garments today? I happen to live like that, but I’m a, “special case.” Why do we all need to join a gym program that, to be perfectly honest might not be a great fit for us? (Pun intended.) What if now is the time to simply try a class, ONE class, and see if we even like yoga, or martial arts, or bootcamp? Because y’all, let’s be real- bootcamp is NOT for everyone! And I personally don’t see myself growing into liking it even after buying a 10-class pass. You still have time to try one class, a yoga class, or maybe a spin class, and find out how to get YOUR personal groove back. Because THAT is what this time is about. Finding your groove.

It’s not about committing to the trend of now and immediacy, but continuing to come into your own, in the presence of your own present.

The only thing that changed is a calendar date. It doesn’t need to effect the pace of your journey and your growth; into a state of overwhelming, I-can’t-keep-up-musts’, how am I already behind type of 2014.

That is not my wish for you.

Instead, I wish you a year of happiness, health, love and light. A year of exploration, organization, fitness and fruitfulness, developed from growth and learning in your own time. Because that’s exactly what it is. Your Own Damn Time. Remember 2014 is a whole year long 🙂

Love it, love yourself, and spread the love to others.

Happy New Year. For real.

Until then, keep finding ways to “Elevate Your Everyday”



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