Elevated Living: Joos Day 5 (Friday 11.22.13)

Day 5: Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Today was the perfect day with my Joos cleanse. I woke up feeling rested, even though I had interrupted sleep as I was on-call. I didn’t feel hungry, and my morning “pre-breakfast warm-lemon-water” was the perfect temperature. Then I read the email for Joos Day 5 focusing on the “What” and “How” of the cleanse.

“2. The HOW to eat: That requires waiting approximately 4 hours in between meals so that, simply put, your metabolism works more efficiently. We do not emphasize this on the shorter Reboot programs, but if you feel like you’re getting the hang of this, you may want to give it a try. Typically, though, the HOW is more challenging than the WHAT.”
Whoops! I have been grazing all throughout the past 4 days, so thought I’d give it a try today, Friday, Day 5, to curb my snacking. I started off with “Antioxidant” with chia for breakfast. I drank it in a reasonable time around 9:30am-10am. I think my focus and determination was on my side today, as I didn’t even feel hungry until around 11:45am. At this point I had more than 1/3 of my daily water requirement and was sipping on “Joos Elixir Pinapple.”
With no snacking at all, I made myself a vegetable and protein rich lunch, around 1:30pm/2pm. I tried my new black bean soup by Dr. McDougall’s. Unreal!!! Another ‘where-has-this-been-all-my-life’ moment?! Oh- I know, probably hidden somewhere under the vegan and/or gluten free stereotype.
 Dr. M Soup Front Dr. M Soup Back

Thank God for the freedom to go beyond ideas and images of what being vegan is and means; to just simply enjoy good healthy food. I’m not trying to downplay any doctrine here. I’m just stating that I know there’s much, that even a daring and open person like myself, has avoided in context of labeling. Alas, here I was, slightly unaware this world of goodness, richness and bounty! I say slightly, because I’ve explored areas of vegetarianism, but never Vegan until this cleanse in June and now.

Keeping up with my water intake, I had a side of spinach, onions and mushrooms sauteed in seasoned oil, and kiwi for dessert. Without even feigning snacks this afternoon, by my “Citrus” Joos dinner I had consumed more than my suggested daily amount of H2O. Being the weekend, and in relaxation mode, I consumed even more in my spa like evening, having the apartment to myself.

Candles lit, “Cafe Del Mar” playing on my Pandora “Yoga Station” I am just so there. That wonderful place we all strive to reach that seems outside of ourselves and our grasp. The positive vibrations we are all too distracted to hear. So please, do yourselves a favor over this weekend. Make the time, to take the time, to find this place. Invest in yourself. Be aware of not only what you put inside of your body, but what –and whom– you surround yourself with. Ask yourself; in what ways can you enhance, and ‘Elevate,’ your environment? It could be as simple as buying a scented candle, drinking more water, or taking 10 mins out of your day for quiet, private, YOU time. That, my friends, is Elevated Living.

Until then, keep finding ways to “Elevate Your Everyday”



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Elevated Living: Beauty Buys

Hey there beautiful Elevated Living readers! My name is Amber Budd and I’m so excited to be guest blogging for you today!

I sat here wracking my brain for a while, trying to think of the PERFECT thing to write for you.  I went through a few ideas for at home spa treatments, summer skincare, favorite restaurants in the Seattle, Minneapolis or Detroit area, you know, just in case you plan to travel to any one of those locations this summer! But what it boiled down to was this: My NotSoSecret love of drugstore beauty products! Don’t get me wrong. I can love me some MAC eye shadow all day long, but I also truly appreciate a really good (and effective) buy.

So I bring to you, my top drug/grocery store beauty buys.

Must Haves from All Made Up by Amber Budd

Must Haves from All Made Up by Amber Budd

  • Coconut Oil– any kind. It melts at body temperature, soaks in, and makes your body feel like silk.  NO joke, the BEST moisturizer I’ve ever used.  A little tiny bit goes a very long way. (I usually put the jar on the bathroom sink while I shower. By the time I’m out, the top layer of the oil is melted for use.
  • L’oreal True Match Foundation– compliments galore, people.  It makes your skin glow without looking shiny. It comes in 33 shades. It’s lightweight, but build-able. What I mean by that is, one day I might wear it sheer so it’s more like a tinted moisturizer. If a breakout happens the next day, and I want more coverage? Absolutely possible with this product.
  • ELF Clear Brow Gel– a brow gel is a brow gel is a brow gel.  This one is $1 and works just as well as the $5 Cover Girl or the $15 MAC.
  • L’oreal Sublime Sun SPF 50– lightweight fullspectrum facial sun protection.  It lays nicely under makeup, or you can wear it alone.
    ^^Hands down, my “I-Won’t-Leave-The-House-Without-Putting-It-On” product^^
  • Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roller–  It has a cold metal applicator ball.  It’s fun to put on, and the caffeine shrinks under eye bags quickly.  I’ve tried several other eye de-puffer products out there, and I always end up coming back to this one. (Clearly I need to adjust my allergy meds, or stop drinking before bed…that’s it, I’m only drinking before noon now, it’s for the health of my eyes!)
  • L’oreal Infallible Shadow– these shadows are a loose pigment shadow. Tons of color payoff, nice, long wear, and great shimmer without looking cheap.

 *(Also, I’d like to point out, L’oreal is cornering the market on low cost, high payoff products.)*

  • NYX Gloss in Beige-which is CLEARLY not beige at all. It’s a really nice neutral pink tone.  Its moisturizing, good color, and lasts pretty well.


  • Cover Girl Lash Perfection Mascara– You guys, this is amazing. I have tried everything out there…! From $1 tubes to $35 dollar tubes of mascara- I *might* have an obsession with lashes.  I ALWAYS go back to this product. And frankly, I’m not sure I even care to try anything else again.  It is a near duplicate to Chanel Inimitable, minus the flakes. It lasts all day without smearing, and it builds to create either a light natural coat, or up to a Tammy Fay Baker-esque lashgasm.  Get thee to a Target or CVS and buy a tube!

Well everyone, it’s been fun. I hope this inspires you to shake things up a bit.  What are your favorite budget beauty buys?  I’m always in the market to try new things, so hook a girl up with some new choices!


Amber @ http://allmadeupbyamber.tumblr.com

Follow Amber Budd on Twitter at: ambersallmadeup

Amber is an accomplished makeup artist
and a licensed Esthetician.

She has trained with MAC, Make Up For Ever,
The Makeup Annex, 
Aveda, Origins,
Philosophy and The Body Shop.

Her passion is turning makeup into an accessible and wearable art for everywoman.


Elevated Living: Attitude of Gratitude

Approaching a friends door recently, I was amazed that they have yet to take down their #Christmas wreath. I must admit; it is in excellent condition and still brings a smile to my face, as the holiday season is a great time of year. The holidays bring out the best (in most!) and are a wonderful time of gathering around the dinner table with family and friends. Ah yes, the dinner table. The root of it all.

To be #thankful to fill not only our plates, but our bellies. To perhaps raise a glass to all that we’ve been given. Unfortunately around the holidays, I find that stress gets in the way through the day to day activities. A time where many forget to relax, savor, and enjoy.

Add in the financial pressure and stress, and the sudden treats with friends and family become, annoyances to endure and debts to repay.  Alas, I’m here to remind you that treating yourself, and one another, in the holiday spirit does not have to break the bank! It should also extend well past through the holidays- to be honest- year round!

Restaurant Week is one of those ways to, “Elevate the Everyday,” twice a year. Going through photos of my four (4) dinners dined during Restaurant Week Summer 2012, I’m reminding myself- and YOU- to give ‘holiday style’- throughout 2013 and beyond. #Boston #Restaurant week is fast approaching beginning March 17th-22nd & March 24th-29th.*


Feel free to revisit my #RestaurantWeek #Boston tips #blog for some great information. Speaking of #tips please see the attached photos for Restaurant Week tipping etiquette!


Also enjoy this website Boston Restaurant Week as an excellent resource on who, what, where and when. (*Some restaurants are extending their RW menus on the Saturday March 23rd.) imgres

Until then, keep finding ways to “Elevate The Everyday”



Elevated Living: Elevate The Everyday

“Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”- Julia Child

And it is love, that brings me to write this blog. It would simply be unfair to label it a labour, as it’s more a passion that excites me. Pouring through my fingertips as wine into a willing glass.

We’ve all seen the economy change and shift through recent years it has come to my attention that many find dining out a luxury. Well I’ll be damned if the necessity of living, (thereby eating) and a livelihood for many friends and loved ones (working in/owning a restaurant/business) should be deemed a luxury. Remember, restaurants and bars are where you fill your bellies and palates.  These are the places that love is exchanged in the experiences or even monetary forms of supporting one another. That therein, it’s own legitimate labour, or passion, of love.

This is why I write this blog; to share with you that luxury as you know it need not end, but transition into a new understanding. You have every right you treat yourself to a beverage and a meal, shared with friends over the exchange of laughter and even sorrows. To come out and meet your neighbors at a local watering hole and find support aside from a screen that blankly stares back. The sources are out there; so take advantage. They have just shifted- not disappeared. Remember it is these in establishments that we support; where relationships are made and fostered. In turn, it’s these relationships that will support us through the loss of a job, or family member. Or be the first place we run to celebrate and cheers. It is these relationships we create that are our security.

What needs to be noted are these experiences are for the every day.

No need to wait until a special occasion to enjoy yourself.

Find a friend, or better make a friend, and find ways to Elevate The Everyday. Experience Elation in any and every form for no other reason than you deserve it.

Food is love. Feed your soul.

The first adventure explored for the “Elation Food Blog” for Elevated Living was a pearl of #Boston, an oyster crawl in which all oysters were only $1. Yes. $1. That is less than your daily cup of coffee. Three different spots along a walkable route that provide $1 oysters, almost every day of the week, sometimes twice a day.

  • Boston Legal Seafoods: Long Wharf: 255 State Street Boston, MA 02109 (617)-742-5300 (3pm-6pm)
  • Marliave: 10 Bosworth St. Boston, MA 02108 (617)-422-0004 (4pm-6pm) & (9pm-10pm)
  • McCormick & Schmick’s Park Plaza: 34 Columbus Ave Boston, MA 02116 (617)-482-3999 (Tuesday 11:30am til close)

More details on the adventures- and the specials in the next blog.

Until then, keep finding ways to “Elevate The Everyday”