Elevated Living: A Clean Slate

When working with clients in “Clutter Clearing,” and other forms of organizing, I’m often asked, “How Do I Let Go?” So I pose the question; What Would Happen If It Was All Gone?

It’s an opportunity to reflect, to see where our values and priorities are.  To revitalize our value system and place emphasis on loved ones from loved things. A chance to revisit our life goals, our dreams of achievement. To learn how to incorporate items that support our dreams into our ‘Everyday.’

I often start from the ground up, a tabula rasa or ‘clean slate,’ with clients. It increases the positive perspective to  ADD TO  their life not TAKE AWAY FROM.

Clutter Clearing is not about, ‘what does it matter anyways’ and becoming overwhelmed with a sense of loss. Instead, shift your focus to surround yourself with only that (and those) which truly DO matter. The things we give meaning to, are just that, things. You are physicalizing an emotional manifestation, an attachment to something, whereby said item does not actually define the event, memory, or meaning to you.

Taking control and reigning in your Personal Power, in turn empowers YOU. Therefore, understanding that your memories create your relationship and attachment to a particular item is part of the process.

A large factor in clutter clearing is less is more thereby opening up your energy and its flow for endless opportunities and possibility abound. So as you begin your spring cleaning, remain OPEN. Whether, the transition is moving in with a partner, a seasonal, or professional change, know that anything and everything is supposed to be an uplifting addition. Remember how fortunate, lucky and blessed you are. This is how I start with my clients in efforts they can continue to stay, “Elevated Everyday.”

Until then, keep finding ways to “Elevate The Everyday”



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