Elevated Living: A Food Solution for New England

Our world would cease to exist without visionaries. Those whose ideas take root like a tree to the ground, its creation reaching to the sky, yearning for nutrients and wholesomeness abound. Food Solutions New England (FSNE) was created to provide us with harvest-a-plenty; to come together and form a network in the present, preparing us, our plates, and our bodies for the future.

A network formed from a variety of backgrounds, from scientists to artists, farmers to writers, Food Solutions New England has created the documents, done the research, and implemented the structures to explore New England’s food options beyond our wildest imagination. Not only the betterment of ourselves and each other, but for the planet as well.  Recently creating the document, “A New England Food Vision,” Food Solution New England details their goals for New England to supply 50% of its produce by 2060.



As quoted from their website:

Food Solutions New England (FSNE) is a regional food systems learning-action network dedicated to advancing a sustainable New England food system. The FSNE network is organized around four interrelated activities:

  • A New England Food Vision, a bold vision that calls for our region to build the capacity to produce at least 50% of food in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner, that promotes health and is accessible by all New Englanders by 2060;
  • New England state food planning initiatives;
  • annual New England food summits and topical workshops; and
  • related analysis, communication and visualization.



A New England Food Vision is a collaborative report that considers the future of our region: a future in which food nourishes a social, economic, and environmental landscape that supports a high quality of life for everyone, including generations to come.”


“A New England Food Vision” breaks down into two patterns of projected  food consumption; “The Omnivore’s Delight” and “Regional Reliance.” Both of these solutions are based on, “nutritional guidelines suggested by the USDA’s MyPlate (2014) and the Harvard School of Public Health’s Healthy Eating Plate (2011, 2012).”

The “Omnivore’s Delight” is based on a person with a 2,300 calorie diet, consuming less dairy- as suggested by Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate. “Regional Reliance” is also in compliance with USDA guidelines, utilizing plant based proteins and regional fruit, completely eliminating imported goods.


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At any rate, both of these options have considered and coordinated a variety of aspects such as; deforestation, overpopulation, hazards in over-farming, and safer techniques for the region and beyond. In addition, the Food Solution New England Network has brought together those from communities of science, farming, hospitality, etc. to get back to our roots, in not only farming and other forms of food production, but our culture as well.

Knowing the sources of our food, and reconnecting with where it comes from, protects us mind, body and soul while laying a firm foundation for our future, on our plates and generations to come.


Until then, keep finding ways to “Elevate Your Everyday”



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