Elevated Living: Tips for Restaurant Week!

Your Guide to Restaurant Week Boston!


A few quick things to remember about dining out for restaurant week! (In no particular order) #Boston #Restaurant Week

1) Servers, Bartenders, etc. are STILL working for TIPS

2) Some restaurants have prix-fix lunch and dinner menus available YEAR ROUND. Focus on visiting the restaurants that you’ve always wanted to try. Be it a new type of food, something normally out of your price range, anything. Be daring!

3) Personally, I like to combine my use of #OpenTable Reservations Systems to make reservations and earn points to #FreeFood. No, but seriously… If you’re going to make a reservation, or a few, why not take advantage of some incentives towards going back to a new restaurant find later on?!

4) Important new trends; SOME RESTAURANTS:

-Offer different menus for RW 1 and RW 2

-Offer different menus DAILY

-Offer different menus for lunch and dinner

-Only participate in EITHER LUNCH OR DINNER

-Participate in Restaurant Week on the SATURDAYS.

Otherwise the schedule is: Sunday August 19th- Friday August 24th & Sunday August 26th- Friday August 31st

5) There are three options, Lunch 2- course $15.12, Lunch 3-course $20.12 and Dinner 3-course $33.12

***BE ADVENTUROUS & HAVE FUN… It’s Lunch and Dinner- not Life & Death 🙂 What have you got to lose!***

I will post as I dine, but here are some other links in your quest for deliciousness!





Until then, keep finding ways to “Elevate The Everyday”



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